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Filter Press


Filter press is to separate and dewater and liquid and solid in an extensive range of applications. Because of their reliability and versatility, filter presses are one of the most widely used plants in liquid-solid separation. Filter press is mainly divided into plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press, vertical filter press, belt filter press.

Working principle

The box-type filter press is extruded by the filter plate to discharge the water in the sludge through the filter cloth, so as to achieve the purpose of dehydration.Also called into slurry dewatering, namely a certain number of filter plate under the action of strong mechanical force is closely lined up, filter chamber formed between surfaces and filter plate. The materials are fed into the filter chamber under strong positive pressure, its solid part is intercepted by filter medium (such as filter cloth) to form a filter cake, and the liquid part discharges from the filter chamber through the filter medium so as to achieve the goal of solid-liquid separation.


1. Easy operation, stable operation.
2. Less wearing parts and low maintenance cost.
3. Flexible selection of filtering area and small footprint.
4. Good adaptability to materials, suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized sludge dewatering occasions.
5. Compared with other types of dewaterers, mud cake has a high solid content, small floor space and convenient transportation and other post-processing.


Model Capacity (t/h) Filter Area (m²) Filter Plate (mm) Plate Number (block) Filter Pressure (mpa) Overall Size (mm)
G100-100 2-3 100 1000*1000*60 62 0.6-0.8 7050*1625*1280
G250-125 5-7 250 1250*1250*70 95 0.6-0.8 10630*2540*1640
G500-150 11-12 500 1500*1500*78 128 0.6-0.8 14550*2820*1890
G800-200 18-20 800 2000*2000*83 114 0.6-0.8 14700*3500*2390

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