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Belt Filter Press


The belt filter press is a kind of filter press, which uses the squeezing and shearing action between two filter belts wrapped around a series of rollers of different sizes in order to remove the water in the slurry.With the advantages of continuous operation, high degree of automation, energy saving, easy to use and maintenance, it is an ideal equipment for sludge dewatering and reducing treatment.

It’s suitable for dewatering tailings mud of iron ore, copper ore, rare earth ore, etc and mineral processing wastewater, sand plant sludge dewatering operations.

Working principle

(1) Dense dehydration: chemical pretreatment stage
The belt filter press has a high requirement for flocculation effect. The machine adopts a unique dosing mixer to realize rapid flocculation and achieve the best flocculation effect.

(2) Gravity dehydration: Gravity concentration and dehydration stage
The sludge is uniformly sent into the net belt through the cloth bucket, and the sludge moves forward along with the filter belt. The free water flows into the connection tank through the filter belt under the effect of gravity. The main function is to remove the free water in the sludge, reduce the fluidity of the sludge, and prepare for further extrusion.

(3) Low/medium pressure dehydration: wedge-shaped pre-pressure dehydration stage
After gravity dewatering, it is still difficult to meet the requirement of sludge fluidity in the pressing dewatering section.A slight squeeze dehydration at this stage ensures smooth press dehydration of the sludge.

(4) High pressure dehydration: clamping press dehydration stage
The filter cake was repeatedly extruded and sheared with the upper and lower filter belt clamped around the press roller, which removed a large amount of wool as water and gradually reduced the water content of the filter cake.

Product advantages

1. The main machine is welded as a whole, with four layers of fluorocarbonpaint sprayed on the surface for high pressure sandblasting, derusting and oxidation, which can resist acid and alkali corrosion for more than ten years.
2. The key parts are made of high-performance stainless steel, including the main dewatering roller, fender, gutter connection, waterproof cover, nozzle, etc.
3. Unlike the traditional plate and frame presses,bearing pedestal adopts high salary more cast iron, fully sealed structure, bearing is of excellent double-row roller bearing, guaranteed for three years.
4. Extrusion roller, transmission roller and guide roller are high-quality seamless steel tube coated with wear-resistant so it’s anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
5. High quality filter is adopted, with high strength and good water permeability.It is not easy to block, easy to clean, easy and dismantle.


Model Capacity (t/h) Belt Width (mm) Belt Number (pic) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
DY1500 6-10 1500 3 11 12000*2300*3200
DY2000 8-12 2000 3 11 12000*2800*3200
DY2500 10-16 2500 3 15 12000*3300*3200
DY3000 12-20 3000 3 15 12000*3800*3200

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