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Automatic Dosing Device


Automatic dosing system, widely used in power plant, chemical industry, waterworks, mining aggregate processing tail water and other water treatment systems need to be added purifier, flocculant, can provide continuous and stable water treatment required agents.

In the mine, the aggregate processing, the ceramic raw material processing, the silicon sand production processing, each kind of metal ore tailings and so on treatment operation,there is often the sewage treatment technology equipped. In the process of wastewater treatment, a certain proportion of catalytic agent solution is often added.Since the whole production process is continuous, it is required that the additive should also be continuous and be regularly and quantitatively added.


1. All components of the dosing device are centrally mounted on a single rack, and are compactively and reasonably combined into independent dosing units, which greatly reduces the workload of chemical design and field installation and reduces the floor space.
2. The solution box is equipped with a plate liquid level meter, which can be displayed on the spot and has the function of low liquid level pump stop protection.
3. Manual adjustment of dosing and automatic dosing can be realized in place. All electric appliances and instruments are assembled in the electric cabinet, which is compact in structure, safe and convenient in operation, debugging and operation.

Operating process

1. Screw the PH meter into the interface of the PH meter and connect the pipelines of the dosing device. Then check each threaded interface and tighten it to avoid fluid leakage.
2. Connect the power supply of the metering pump, open the junction box of the electric control cabinet, and connect the three-phase four-wire power line meeting the requirements of the metering pump motor to the corresponding wiring terminal.
3. Close the blowdown valve.
4, according to the required preparation of the concentration of the liquid medicine, according to the tank volume and the purity of the agent, the dosage, water quantity, the drug will be added to the liquid medicine tank, open the water valve, add the required water.
5. Preparation of solution: pour a certain amount of medicine (solid or liquid) into the solution box, open the water supply valve, stop the water injection when the liquid level reaches the specified level, adjust the measuring device to the required dosage, then open the solution box stop valve and start the dosing.
6. Dosing: Open the valve of dosing system, adjust the dosing amount of metering pump to a certain value, start the dosing pump, dosing amount of metering pump to dosing point, constantly adjust the dosing amount of metering pump to meet the requirements of the process. If the dosing amount cannot be met, it is necessary to readjust the concentration of dispensing solution.Automatic dosing device is equipped with metering pump, metering pump is in the form of positive displacement, adjustable stroke.
7. The residue in the solution tank can be discharged through the sewage pipe;The liquid level of the solution tank can be measured according to the liquid level.
8. When the liquid in the dosing box is lower than the lower level, the dosing pump will stop working automatically.
9. When the liquid level in the dosing box is greater than or less than a certain value (the value is set by itself according to the specification of the attached liquid level instrument), the dosing pump will stop working automatically.
10. Metering pump (for specific operation, please refer to the operating manual of metering pump)
11. According to the cleaning degree of drugs, the solution box should be cleaned regularly.


Model Dosage (m³/h) Box Volume (m³) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
ZD15 3 1.5 4.5 1600*950*1890
ZD30 5 3 6.4 3250*1600*2500
ZD50 10 5 9.6 3400*2000*2800
ZD100 20 10 16.5 5000*2000*3000

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