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Sand Washing With Dewatering Machine


A sand washing with dewatering machine belongs to the new type of environmental protection sand washing equipment, which mainly aims at the sand production industry that exists in the bad quality of sand such as sand contains water, mud or dust.The effect of sand washing machine is not ideal, the equipment can effectively solve the problem of poor sand quality.
The equipment is used in wet sand production line, which has both sand washing and gravel material dewatering function, can make washed sand cleaner, effectively solve the problem of too much mud and dust, too many impurities.

Working principle

Sand washing with dewatering machine is composed of dewatering screen, wheel bucket, cleaning box, reducer, motor, vibration motor and other components.
The mixture of sand and water goes into the cleaning tank of washing machine, and is filtered and sifted through the bucket sieve. Then falls into the dewatering sieve for dewatering treatment to take off a large amount of water in the sand.


1. Sand washing with dewatering machine integrates the advantages of sand washing machine and dewatering screen.
2. Greatly reduce the sand in the mud, water, dust, impurities, etc., improve the sand quality.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection, low energy consumption.
4. Low fault incidence and long service life.


Model Power (kw) Feed size (mm) Production (t/h) Weight (kg) Overall Dimension (L*W*H)(mm)
XS1026 9.9 ≤10 30-50 5180 6022*2150*2730
XS1630 19.4 ≤10 50-120 7300 7200*2900*3070
XS2036 24.5 ≤10 120-180 9450 7200*3000*3600

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