Washing & Classifying

Compact Wash Plant


For sand with high mud content, the cleaning effect is often not ideal. Therefore, on the basis of the traditional wheel sand washer, LDHB d…

Wheel Sand Washer


XSD series wheel sand washer is a kind of wheel bucket type sand washer which is used with the sand making machine. It is an important plant…

Sand Washing With Dewatering Machine


A sand washing with dewatering machine belongs to the new type of environmental protection sand washing equipment, which mainly aims at the …

Attrition Cell Scrubbers


Attrition scrubbers are designed to scrub 65 ~ 70% of the pulp, scrub ore mud and sand, surfaces of particulates and break down particulates…

Spiral Sand Washer


Spiral sand washing machine is a kind of sand washing machine, which is used for washing, grading, cleaning in metallurgy, building material…

Spiral Sand Washing and Recycling Machine


In order to solve the problem of cleaning difficulty caused by the limitation of the site and other conditions, the market needs a kind of e…

Sand Washing Machine


Sand washing machine integrate the functions of washing sand, concentrated dehydration of coarse and fine sand, and fine sand recovery, etc.…

Trommel Type Sand Washer


The trommel type sand washer produced by LZZG is a new multi-function sand washing plant according to the actual needs of customers.This equ…

Dual Wheel Sand Washing Machine


Dual wheel sand washing and recovery machine, which is designed by LZZG for sand washing industry, stone powder, mountain sand, and other ma…

Aggregate Screen Washer


XSX series aggregate screen washer machine combines cleaning, screening, dehydration, recovery and other functions in one unit. It is widely…

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