Operation Rules And Methods Of Sand Washing Machine

Sand washing machine is a kind of professional water washing equipment used with sand making machine in sand production line. The sand washing machine produced by LDHB has the characteristics of high cleaning degree, reasonable structure, large processing capacity and low power consumption. As a large-scale mining machinery, sand washing machine should not be careless in use. Reasonable use method can not only effectively prolong the service life of the equipment, but also provide a reliable protection for itself.

So, what should be paid attention to in the use of sand washing machine? We lists the following points:

1.Before starting the machine, check whether there is abnormal rotation of the machine by hand.

2.The user should install protective equipment on the V-belt according to the specific situation of the site before operation.

3.It is not allowed to repair and clean during operation, and it is forbidden to start maintenance.

4.It is not allowed to add the stone that has been copied to the specified size.

5.The machine should rotate in a fixed direction, not in reverse.

6.When the machine is running, if abnormal vibration or noise is found, the feeding shall be stopped immediately. After the materials in the box are exhausted, the motor shall be stopped immediately, and the machine shall be stopped for inspection. After troubleshooting, the operation can be continued. In case of tight situation, stop the motor first, remove the materials in the cavity before starting the machine, and start with no-load.

7.The working site should not be stacked with sundries, and there should be sufficient lighting equipment. Stone washing machine equipment is an important equipment in the sand and stone industry, it is too high the purity of sand and stone, improve the quality of sand and stone. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of it in daily use.

The above is LDHB summary of the sand washing machine in use is to comply with some of the rules, I hope to help you.

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