Mine Sand Screening And Washing Equipment

With the continuous development of the mining industry, more types of sand washing and sand making machinery have been derived from the traditional single model, which is convenient for people to choose, is conducive to users to reduce capital investment, time cost and improve operation efficiency.

LDHB sand screening and washing equipment is a kind of equipment developed on the basis of traditional sand making machine. Its emergence solves the problems of uneven sand particle shape, unclean finished products and high sand loss rate in the process of sand making, helps users obtain high-grade sand, reduces sand loss to a greater extent, maintains user cost, and has been unanimously recognized by users.

General sand screening and washing equipment includes sand washing machine, vibrating screen and fine sand recovery machine.

1.Sand washing machine

It is the main equipment for washing sand. It is divided into wheel bucket sand washing machine and screw sand washing machine. It has simple structure, can be applied to various working environments, high yield and environmental protection, durable equipment, low water consumption, high washing cleanliness, low production cost and good cleaning and dehydration effect.

2.Vibrating dewatering screen

It is an indispensable supporting equipment for all sand making and sand washing production lines. It can separate mixed materials of different sizes, separate liquid and solid, remove sundries and obtain finished products with consistent specifications.

3.Fine sand recovery units

It is generally used after the sand washing machine, because part of the finished sand, especially the fine sand of 0.16-0.2mm, will be lost in the sand washing process, with the loss of more than 20%, which will not only lead to low production of machine-made sand and reduce customers’ income, but also cause sedimentation in the sedimentation tank and increase customers’ cleaning costs.

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