Heavy Duty Sand Washing Machine

In the artificial sand production line, the stone is broken. Due to the fierce collision and the certain soil content of the stone itself, the artificial sand will contain a certain amount of stone powder and soil, and the existence of mud powder and excessive stone powder will seriously affect the gradation of artificial sand and make it unable to meet the construction standard.

The normal content of stone powder can make up for the problems of large gap, large water demand and poor fluidity caused by the application of artificial sand in concrete. Therefore, in the artificial sand production line, the sand washing machine should be used to wash the stone powder and soil in the stone. It can be seen that sand washing machine plays an important role in artificial sand production line.

LDHB new type spiral heavy duty sand washing machine has the advantages of small floor area, simple operation, large processing capacity and better cleaning effect. Spiral sand washing machine is a multi functional water sand washing equipment integrating the functions of water sand washing and sand stone material dehydration and recovery.

Advantages of LDHB spiral sand washing machine

  1. Vibration exciter is used to provide the source, with large excitation force, output of more than 300 tons per hour, and continuous operation can be realized.
  2. Integrated structure, screening and cleaning are combined, easy to produce and process, short production cycle, small floor area and large processing capacity.
  3. The slurry pump and cyclone are connected together to form the backflow of water body, save water consumption and better screen and clean.

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