Daily Inspection Of Sand Wash Machine

Before the machine runs, checking the equipment carefully is highly recommended. This rule is not only suitable for sand wash machines, but also for all kinds of equipment.

Here are some aspects you should checked before run the sand washer:

Check whether there are residual impurities in the bucket, discharge port, water storage tank, etc. of the equipment. If necessary, remove them immediately. Make sure that the passage of each component is unobstructed and clean.

Check the firmness of the equipment connection anchor bolts, take firm measures for loose bolts, and ensure the stability of the connection of the equipment components, especially the tightness of the screws.

The oil quantity of the reducer should be checked in time during operation, and the gear transmission of the equipment should be kept in good gear to ensure that the gear transmission belt is not worn or damaged.

The feeding of equipment should be ensured continuously and evenly, and it should not be too much or too little, which will result in insufficient material cleaning.

Each rotating bearing and reducer should ensure that the lubricant is sufficient and clean. At the same time, it is necessary to select a suitable lubricant to increase it. The lubricant of the reducer should be replaced on time after one month of use. The process must ensure the cleanliness of the equipment bearings and adding pipes to prevent contamination of the lubricant.

The sand washing machine should be cleaned in time after use, otherwise the pipeline will be blocked after a long time.

Regularly observe the internal wear and tear of the sand washer. If parts are found to be worn to affect production and operation, they must be repaired or replaced in time.

In the long-term production and operation process, the sand washing machine will affect the sand washing effect and efficiency due to various problems. If you also encounter this problem in future production, you may wish to check the above aspects to find the right cause and prescribe the right medicine.

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