Chrome Sand Wash Plant For Sale In Zimbabwe

Dual wheel sand washing machine is a new type of chrome sand wash plant developed by LDHB, which combines two bucket wheel sand washing machines with fine sand recovery machine, and integrates multiple washing, sand washing recovery and centralized dehydration of coarse and fine sand. The equipment is specially designed for sand units such as sandstone and quartz sand to do washing, grading and dewatering. It can carry out secondary cleaning, dewatering and grading of sand, which will reduce the content of cement impurities in sand and improve the quality of sand.

Dual wheel sand washing and recovery machine workflow

  1. After the pre-treatment of the materials into the No. 1 cleaning water tank, the sand washing wheel starts to move under the drive of the motor and reducer. With the continuous rotation and mixing of the sand washing wheel, the materials are in full contact with the water, and the impurities on the surface of the materials are removed by water to make the materials cleaner.
  2. Then the sand washing wheel picks up the materials in the No.1 cleaning water tank from the water, and leaks the water and the materials lower than the mesh size through the mesh, and transfers the qualified materials to the second water tank. Repeat the process of No. 1 sand washing wheel in the second washing wheel, and then carry out the second cleaning for the material.
  3. After entering the dehydration screen, a large amount of water will be removed through the vibration of the dehydration device, so that the materials can be stored and transported more conveniently. The leaked materials in the water storage tank enter into the pumping tank at the end of the machine through the overflow device, which is pumped to the separation and recovery unit for concentration and recovery. The qualified materials after concentration are returned to the dehydration unit for dehydration and collection. The surplus waste water and impurities are discharged into the return water tank.


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