LXHS Bucket Dewaterer


LXHS Bucket Dewaterer is composed of spiral sand washing machine, fine sand recovery machine and other accessories. The product functions include sand washing, sand recovery, dehydration and desliming, concentration and classification, etc. The device fully combines the functional characteristics of multiple devices so as to realize the use of one device instead of one line of multiple devices.

LXHS Bucket Dewaterer is suitable for mining, aggregate processing, ceramic raw materials processing, silicon sand production processing, various metal ore tailings processin.

Working principle

The sand and water mixture enters the wheel washing tank and is removed by the wheel bucket after cleaning. The tail water (containing a large amount of fine sand) after sand washing enters the spiral tank for fine sand precipitation, which is then pushed to the wheel washing tank by the slowly rotating spiral blade, followed by coarse sand being removed by the wheel bucket.The amount of fine sand loss can be controlled by adjusting the weir plate at the end of the spiral flume so as to achieve the ideal effect of fine sand recovery.In the case of waste of special materials and fine particles, the reverse cleaning device is opened, and a water column is ejected from the bottom of the spiral tank to prevent fine sand precipitation and push the tail water to the overflow port by reverse rotation of the spiral, so as to discharge fine sand and waste water together.

Performance features

1. Combined with the traditional wheel sand washer, it can produce one or two kinds of sand with different particle sizes, which can meet the requirements of more users, and the sand washing effect is better.
2. High work efficiency, compared with the cyclone recovery of fine sand, not only can achieve good fine sand recovery effect, but also can greatly reduce energy consumption.
3. Long service life, reduce the number of wearing parts, and reduce the maintenance and operation cost.


Model Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Spiral Size (mm) Impeller Size (mm) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
LXHS-30 ≤10 30-40 1500*3500 2500*1200 7.5 6800*2700*3400
LXHS-50 ≤10 40-60 1800*3500 3000*1600 11 7280*3160*3800
LXHS-80 ≤10 60-90 2200*3500 3600*2000 15 7900*3600*4500

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