Circular Vibrating Screen


Unlike the crushers, Vibratory Screens cannot produce material; they can only size material that is already reduced to the product sizes. Vibratory Screens allow crushers to achieve maximum performance by sizing the material feed to the crusher and efficiently removing the finishing product from the circuit as it is produced.Vibratory Screens can be subdivided into Inclined and Horizontal style screens.

Circular vibrating screen movement trajectory is circular, circular motion, is a multi-layer number, a new type of vibrating screen.It is mainly applicable to coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industries.


Circular vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen box, screen mesh, vibrator and damping spring.If there is no special requirement, YA and 2YA for textile screen surface, YAH for punching screen surface, all kinds of screen surface can meet.

YA series circular vibrating screen is mainly composed of eccentric block vibrator, screen box, motor, and supporting device.Adopt small amplitude, high frequency, big dip Angle structure.
YAX thin oil circular vibrating screen structure: spring support group, transmission device, screen box, supporting seat, thin oil lubrication vibrator, etc.

Working principle

The screen box movement track of circular vibrating screen is circular or elliptic, circular vibrating screen uses inertial vibration generator to produce vibration, and the vibration source is generally driven by an electric motor.The circular vibrating screen is a single axis vibrator. The spindle fixed on the screen box is driven by the motor to rotate at high speed. The eccentric mounted on the spindle then rotates to generate centrifugal inertia force, which makes the screen box which can freely vibrate produce vibration of approximately circular trajectory.


1. Large processing capacity and high screening efficiency.
2. The vibrator is lubricated with thin bearing oil and eccentrically arranged outer blocks.It has the characteristics of large vibration force, small bearing load.
3. The screen adopts the rubber spring vibration reduction, compared with the metal spring, it has the advantages of small noise, long life, small dynamic load of the screen fulcrum.


Model Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Screen Panel (mm) Screen Area (m²) Power (kw) Overall Size (mm)
2YK1548 0-200 0-160 1500*4800 7.2 11 5000*2900*2900
2YK1860 0-200 0-200 1800*6000 10.8 15 6200*3400*3500
3YK1860 0-300 0-200 1800*6000 10.8 22 6200*3400*4100
2YK2160 0-200 0-250 2100*6000 12.6 22 6200*3700*3500
3YK2160 0-300 0-250 2100*6000 12.6 22 6200*3700*4100
2YK2460 0-200 0-300 2400*6000 14.4 22*2 6200*4100*3800
3YK2460 0-300 0-300 2400*6000 14.4 30*2 6200*4100*4400
2YK2472 0-200 0-300 2400*7200 16.8 22*2 7400*4000*4000
3YK2472 0-300 0-300 2400*7200 16.8 30*2 7400*4100*4600
2YK3072 0-200 0-300 3000*7200 21.6 30*2 7400*4700*4100
3YK3072 0-300 0-300 3000*7200 21.6 30*2 7400*4700*4700
3YK3672 0-300 0-350 3600*7200 25.92 37*2 7400*5400*4700

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