Vibrating screen model selection and operation

Vibrating screens are specially designed for the quarry screening stone, and are also widely used in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industries for granular classification. The multi-layer vibrating screen utilizes the principle of vibration motor excitation to make material is thrown up on screen surface, and at the same time linearly move forward to properly match the screen hole to achieve the purpose of screening.

The machine is composed of a machine base, a vibration motor, a vibration damper, etc, and has the advantages of stable vibration, extremely low noise, simple operation and excellent screening performance.


Model selection

Mainly determined depends on the following conditions

1. Raw material, cumulative weight, viscosity

2. Processing capacity per hour

3. Final particle size

4. The particle size ratio of material and the required screening accuracy

5. Space size at which the vibrating screen is placed at the production site

Vibrating screen installation

1. Remove the transport support. Since the base and screen frame of screen are connected by springs, the transport support should be removed after entering the installation site. Testing machine before removing the transport support is strictly forbidden.

2. The screen should be placed on a horizontal basis when installing. In the case where the foundation is not used, an anti-vibration rubber sheet should be laid between the workbench and the base.

3. The cable in the vibration motor and the screen machine is subjected to severe vibration and is connected to the standard ground wire for safety.

Test running

1. Confirm that the vibration motor is running within the rated current, especially at low temperatures, the current will be slightly higher, but it should be reduced to the rated current value within 20-30 minutes.

2. There must be no abnormal sounds. If an abnormal sound occurs, it should be shut down quickly for inspection. The abnormal sound is usually caused by loosening of the fastening part. The screen machine has an instantaneous resonance zone (1-3 seconds) when starting and stopping, and the amplitude and noise will increase significantly, which is a normal phenomenon.

3. After empty running, a small amount of material can enter the sieve through feed port. Then slowly increase to the required amount, at this time should be adjusted according to the mesh surface discharge conditions, so that the efficiency of the sieve machine is optimal.



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