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Nowadays, sand washing machine is very popular in the sand and stone market, because the quality requirements of sand and stone aggregate in the market are improved. In order to produce high-quality machine-made sand, sand washing machine is a necessary machine for sand and stone factory. How much is the factory price of sand washer?

In fact, there is no fixed answer to this question, because according to different situations, the configuration scheme and equipment model are different, so the price will be affected differently. However, generally, the price is about 200000-500000, and there are many sand washer manufacturers in the market, with different scale, material use and equipment quality, So there is a slight difference in the price of the whole set.

As a professional sand washing machine factory, LDHB produces sand washing equipment with the following characteristics:

  1. Guaranteed quality

LDHB sand washing machine imported foreign technology, combined with the local situation, after the improvement, the core technology of the equipment is more reliable, selected high-quality steel, we sincerely invite you to visit the workshop.

  1. Preferential price

The price of LDHB sand washing equipment is lower. As a direct selling manufacturer, LDHB gives you factory price. We don’t deal with middlemen. We give you all the room to make profits. There are a lot of concessions when you come to the factory;

  1. After sales guarantee

One time purchase, lifelong after-sales, free installation and debugging equipment for you, in order to ensure the smooth production of users, delivery will be accompanied by technical personnel, free training for your operator, including teaching package, at the same time to provide you with lifelong after-sales protection, all the follow-up services you should enjoy, the purchase contract will be clearly written to protect your rights and interests.

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