Sand Wash Plant For Sale In South Africa

In recent years, the demand for sand and stone in South Africa has increased, and many industries need it. However, the surface of natural sand and stone or artificial sand and stone is not clean, and there will be soil and impurities. For projects that need high-quality sand and stone, it will affect the use if they are not cleaned, which requires sand washing machines.

Spiral sand washing machine is mainly used in mining, construction and other industries to wash and dehydrate sand impurities. It is a powerful equipment to clean stone powder and soil in sand. For sand and stone production enterprises, only by producing high-quality sand and stone can they obtain higher economic benefits. As a professional manufacturer of spiral sand washing machines, LDHB produces sand washing machines with outstanding characteristics such as high degree of cleaning, large amount of cleaning, energy saving and low consumption. The loss of sand washing in the sand washing process is much less than that of other sand washing machines.

The cleanliness of screw sand washing machine is the standard to evaluate the performance and working capacity of sand washing machine. The function principle of the screw sand washer is to roll, rub and wash the sand by rotating the propeller, so as to clean the soil and other sundries carried by the sand and stone, achieve the cleanliness of the sand and stone at one time, and improve the work efficiency without repeated washing. Double blades are designed on the impeller of the sand washing machine of LDHB spiral sand washing machine manufacturer, which increases the friction of sand and stone, and the cleaning strength is greatly improved.

The sand washing machine of LDHB sand washing machine manufacturer not only has the function of sand and stone cleaning, but also has the function of dehydration and classification. Such multiple functions can simplify the process of sand washing production line and reduce the cost of purchasing auxiliary equipment and site occupation. It is very popular with sand and stone plants, construction sites and concrete dam sites of hydropower stations in South Africa.

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