How To Wash Sand For Concrete

Now, the quality of sand, especially the quality of natural sand, has become much worse with the increase of mining. Its main performance is that the mud content is large, that is, the mud content of sand washed by sand washing machine is not small. The mud content of concrete to sand is determined by strict standards, and mud has a great impact on the performance of concrete. On the one hand, mud affects the bonding between slurry and aggregate, that is, the strength decreases. On the other hand, reducing the fluidity of concrete is also very easy to cause concrete cracks. Therefore, measures need to be taken to solve the mud content of sand in order to meet the requirements of concrete for sand quality.

How to wash sand for concrete?

The fine sand recovery machine is specially used to recover the fine sand washed by the sand washing machine. The recovered fine sand is a good building fine sand after dehydration. Over time, a large amount of fine sand can be recovered, which can bring huge profits. Compared with the dewatering screen, the fine sand recycling machine has more powerful and perfect functions. It not only has higher cleaning rate, but also can recycle fine sand. The fine sand recovery machine can separate the sediment in the sand water mixture, extract and collect the fine sand, improve the quality and output of sand through cleaning, dehydration and classification, greatly reduce the mud content of sand, and the recovery rate of fine sand is more than 85%.

Of course, if you want to reduce the mud content of sand, you can choose the appropriate configuration scheme according to your actual situation. If necessary, LDHB can arrange technicians to visit the customer’s production site, and design and configure appropriate equipment for you according to your needs.

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