Difference Between River Sand And Washed Sand

River sand comes from river beach, which is rich in resources. However, with the over exploitation in recent years, it has shown a trend of gradual shortage. The characteristics of river sand are less soil content and miscellaneous quality.

Water washed sand is a kind of raw sand which is made of natural silica sand by water washing and grading, and its mud content is smaller than that of river sand. Water washed sand is that natural sand is sent to the sand washing machine for cleaning, and the stone powder, soil and fine sand and stone particles in the sand and stone are cleaned and filtered.

The purpose of controlling the particle size of the finished sand and stone can be achieved by controlling the mesh number of the washing screen, so that the content of fine sand particles and stone powder can be controlled within a certain proportion, and the overall quality of sand and stone can be improved, It can effectively regulate the grain size of finished products, which can be combined and separated according to the needs of users.

River sand Limited mining, machine-made sand attracted the attention of investors, so what is the difference between the commonly used machine-made sand and water washed sand?

  1. The formation process is different

Machine made sand is the sand processed by crusher, sand making machine and other auxiliary equipment. Washed sand is the sand produced by natural silica sand after classification and washing. Machine made sand is different from water washed sand. Machine made sand can replace water washed sand in construction sand.

  1. The shape of particles is different

The grain size of machine-made sand is more regular. River pebbles, granite, limestone, etc. can be processed into machine-made sand. According to the production requirements of users, different rules of sand can be processed to meet the daily needs; The grain size of washed sand is less than 5mm, which belongs to floodplain sedimentary sand.

  1. Different cleanliness

Machine made sand is usually washed in the production process, so the cleanliness of machine-made sand is higher, and the washed sand has a certain amount of mud and more impurities, so the cleanliness is not as high as that of machine-made sand. Compared with river sand, the cost of machine-made sand is higher in the early stage, but the cost is faster in the later stage, which can stabilize the supply and increase the profit. Therefore, the production of machine-made sand will be promoted in the future.

LDHB one stop sand washing machine is suitable for river sand and water sand washing. After twice cleaning by sand washing machine, the sand is clean enough to meet the sand washing requirements of materials with high mud content. Sand washing wastewater is recycled to improve resource utilization. No matter what the particle status and geographical differences, LDHB will tailor specific models according to customer requirements, welcome to leave a message.

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