Cyclone Separator In Cement Industry

Cyclone separator is mainly used as grading equipment in benefication, especially as grading equipment for fine grinding to deslim and concentrate the pulp.

Working principle of cyclone separator in cement industry

Under the action of pressure, the slurry enters the shell along the tangent direction of the column through the ore feeding pipe, and makes a rotary movement in the shell. The coarse particles (or particles with high density) in the slurry enter the periphery of the rotary flow due to large centrifugal force, and flow downward with the slurry flow at the same time, and finally discharged from the bottom sand setting nozzle into sand setting; The fine particles are in the center of the rotary flow and move up with the liquid flow, and finally discharged by the overflow pipe into overflow.

Characteristics of cyclone separator:

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, no moving parts, easy operation and care, small volume, large processing capacity and good classification effect. It is suitable for processing finer materials, and the separation particle size is generally between 0.25-0.01 mm,

Application scope of cyclone separator:

It can be used for classification, desliming and concentration. For fine coal and metal minerals with high density, sometimes it can also be used for separation. When heavy medium is used, the cyclone can be used for pre separation or roughing of ore. The cyclone used for separation is different from that used for classification in structure.

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