Main Advantages Of Stone Washing Machine

Artificial sand making is a kind of equipment that uses sand making machine to crush materials and produce sand that can be used in construction. However, some parameters of sand are required for construction sand, and the requirement for construction is 12 to 18 percentage points for powder content. So how to control the powder content?And what’s the advantages of stone washing machine to wash sand and stone?

For dry screening, the sand less than 5 mm in production engineering will cause the loss of stone powder when entering the sand bin through the belt conveyor. In this case, dust recovery device can be used for recycling. For dry process production, it is not widely used in China. The production process is to directly screen the mixture larger than 5mm after sand making machine-made sand, and the sand less than 5mm is directly transported to the sand making warehouse by conveyor, which can effectively reduce the loss of stone powder.

LDHB new sand washing machine has many advantages in one, not using European innovative technology, but also combining with the actual situation, aiming at the production of granite, shale, basalt, pebble, quartz stone and other stones, the working efficiency is greatly improved. LDHB new sand washing machine has stable performance, high efficiency, energy saving, good sand particle size and convenient daily care, which can be used for investors To pit considerable profits.

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