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Modular Mud Cleaner


Modular mud cleaner is combined of a mud treatment module, stirring sedimentation module and filtration module.
Mud processing module and mixing precipitation are connected with pipe, reagents are sent into mixing tank by a metering pump through a pipeline.Mixing precipitation and filter module of filter press pump connects with pipeline, the water filter out from the two filter press are sent to external water reservoir.The mud cake fell on the filter machine and sent out by belt conveyor.

Working process

The mud is sent to the lower screen surface of the mud machine through the slurry pump. After vibrating screen, the lower screen surface produces coarse sand (with a small part of water), and the mixture of fine sand, mud and water enters the water tank under the screen. The material is sent to the separator through the pump for mud and sand separation.
The fine sand, mud and water from the bottom flow of the separator enter the upper screen surface for dehydration, recovery of fine sand, and then the remaining mud and water enter the water tank below the screen.The returned water from the separator enters the stirred sedimentation tank and is discharged from the bottom flow. Then the high-pressure diaphragm filter press is driven by the pump to produce the mud cake, whose moisture content is less than 30%. The high-pressure diaphragm filter press presses out the mud cake and the clean water enters the clear pool for reuse.


1. Reasonable integrated module design, effectively improving the utilization rate of the site.
2. Reasonable process and reasonable collocation between various parts of equipment to make it more efficient.
3. The modular design has effectively shortened the process of material transfer in the processing link.


Model Slurry Treatment Unit (mm) Agitating Unit (m³) Filter Press Unit Power (kw) Weight (kg) Overall Size (mm)
MKNJ200 JH-FX80 21 G250-125 160 56700 9830*6900*6200

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